Thursday, May 22, 2008

Forever Hopeful

With temperatures hitting the 80's last week, and Seattlites flesh burning faster than this guys eyebrows. I got excited and removed my fender from my bike.

While this might not seem like a big deal to anyone outside of Seattle...I'm sure everyone in Seattle reading this are shaking their heads. Why? You don't remove your fenders till July 5th. Our official start to summer.
{you're smart...I'm dumb}
To avoid the looming deluge of water, PJ and I ducked into a local watering hole. With our shoes drying and our livers drowning we took up a game of 'Speed Connect 4' to pass the time. While the pretty colors and fast paced action are usually more than enough to keep us entertained. We spiced things up by spinning the 'game board' every few drops. Believe you me, it's a lot harder to refocus your attention than you think.

{I thought these signs were reserved for hippies}

I placed my fender back on my bike this morning. However, that doesn't mean I've learned anything from yesterday. I will remain forever hopeful and at the next sign of sun...I'm sure it'll come off again.


SGK said...

I did too. Been a while since I had a really wet arse. Thanks for putting your fender back on. It was most dry today.

Anonymous said...

Sally we are all in the same boat.........2-4 tonight and 2-4 tomorrow temps right around 45-50 ugh......... has summer already come and gone in the San Juans ??

ChrisB. said...

Too bad about the babies rule, because I really love partying with with babies.

Seriously, what is with people bringing babies to bars anyway. I didn't stop going to bars once I had a kid, but I never once thought it was cool to bring my kid to the bar.