Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day was...well...part II

{I should have yielded the sidewalks warning}

Last year there was roller derby, mountain bikes, a city ride, good friends and beverages.

This year...mountain bikes, a 38 mile time trial, a city ride, good friends, BBQ's and of course...beverages.

Ski to Sea drew me out of Seattle for the weekend. What's Ski to Sea you ask? Their web site encourages people to "Experience the legacy of Mt. Baker's Marathon". I say to "Strap on your helmet and experience 7 Legs of Chaos!"

Start with 450 people on cross country/skate skis on mount Baker for a mass start...yeah...that's 900 sticks and boards fighting for 4 miles. Unleash 450 pissed off cats on the side of the mountain and spray them with a hose.

Tag to a teammate who races 2.5 miles downhill on either skis or a snowboard and then has to climb the side of a mountain. When selecting someone who has a thousand foot climb to do...the smoker is not a wise choice.

Tag to the 8 mile down hill runner. Watch what your runner puts into their body the morning of the race, because the run sucks when you have the runs.

Hand off to the Road Cyclist who does a 36 mile time trial. Now mix in a guy doing a time trial in Coveralls and a tall boy in his pocket.

The canoers take off for a 13 mile float and hand off to the mountain biker for 9 miles of extreme. Cancel the Canoe because the river is too high. Ride a mountain bike on a course I could have ridden my road bike on.

Finally the sea kayaker brings it home after being at sea for 5 miles. And paddle like the devil because of all the water rushing into the sound from the bloated rivers.
Who wants to sign up for next year?!
Out of 450 some odd teams we failed to crack the top 100. However we came away with a moral victory knowing that Team 'Behaviour Unbecoming An Athlete' got 4th in the Best Team Name division.

{waiting for the runs}

{they can't stop me from wearing these all the time}

{although afterwards I felt like I was on my power walk at lunch}

{a 'participants' reward}

Ski to Sea photo is obviously not mine. However Jon Brunk was on the scene covering the race.

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