Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Yup, Life Moves Pretty Fast..."

"If you don't stop and take a look around once in a while, you might miss it."
---Ferris Bueller
From the moment I rolled out of Raleigh America on Friday, life was rolling. It seems I spent the entire weekend on my bicycle.
Friday we came across a little bit of Tee-Pee from a departing co-worker

Some Commuting Salmon swimming up stream

And some pretty amazing colors in the sky

Saturday was See-Ya-de-Mayo. Two good friends are leaving the Emerald City for PDX. (Based on those two nick-names, which would you rather live in?!)

Photograph based Alley Cat, and all around fun. With stops that had us at venerable Seattle Beer establishments like Linda's, the Canterbury, Athenean, Shorty's, and the Summit. Various landmarks including the Jimi Hendrix statue, Bruce Lee's grave, "Cool Guy" Park...and me being paired up with a girl who was new to Seattle and another who was new to Bicycles, what could go wrong?!

{high heels and bicycles...}

{Largest Paint By Number, and a local Comedy Troop}

{yup, we have baggage}

By the way...we didn't hit all the stops (we really couldn't) and we rode away smelling like victory. I kinda felt bad for some of the other participants...(labled 3 hour tour)

Sunday was a Birthday ride in Anacortes...Bikes, Bros, Beverages, and Single Speeds. Sound just about right.

{all about product placement}

{Happy Mothers Day!!!!}

Friday's Bike to Work Day...

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