Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday's Rant

Earlier this year we reported about the demise of the Rainier Cold Storage building in scenic Georgetown. It's been pretty sad watching a piece of Seattle history hauled off one truck load at a time everyday. Rainier was the Beer From Here. It spawned a slew of commercials that were icons in their day.

From the great roaming herds of Rain-deer,

To the motorcycle everyone remembers

Even Budweiser's Frog commercial was inspired by an earlier Rainier ad

Lately however, wild Rainier sighting have been rare. The commercials are gone. Tully's took over the old Brewery, removed the neon beacon R from the building replaced it with a T. They then painted it to look like something that would come out of a clown after an all nite bender.

It's been dark times for the Beer from Here. You can still find the can containing Yakima Hops, but PBR has infiltrated every nook and cranny of Seattle. Pushing Vitamin R behind the Milwaukee Ribbon winner in almost every bar. But what I saw the other day riding home made my Rainier Warm with rage.

Right in the heart of the neighborhood that was built around Rainier....

Right across the street from the very building that is being torn down....

{the Cold Storage used to block out all the green you see}

{cruddy panoramic of the malt house, and mural across the street}

It feels like someone just grabbed my six pack and shook it up right in front of me.

Restore Rainier to it's natural habitat. I'm going to try and do what I can. Stay tuned for more.


ChrisB. said...

Hipster desperation trampling over real, legitimate, local color.

I know there's this whole backlash against "micro-brews" (which I know Ranier is not), but the beauty of micro-brews was that more often than not, they are a real reflection of the regions where they are produced, and that they serve as point of pride for the locals.

It's an important tradition that dates back too our fathers, grandfathers and uncles, etc. who drank only Ranier, or in my case, Naragansett or Hull's.

Bobby said...

Does this fascination with this "Ranier" mean that you've burned your Old Style Princess costume?

sharkjumper said...

well when u reach the level of derelism as me you punks you will drink any thing

BF kemyooter said...

Amen Chrisb.
Bobby...that 'Beer Fairy' outfit was put to bed long ago. Have no fear, because it reincarntes itself with the time is right.
Sharkjumper...believe you me, I've been there. I'm just sticking up for a little local flavor (that is pretty damn similar) rather than a Walmart marketed beer.