Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day weekend…was…well…

{words by brian}

Memorial Day weekend…was…well…I’m trying to remember.

I do remember riding my bike.

I rode my Rush Hour on Saturday to my friend’s house for some BBQ and ‘priming’ before the Rat City Rollergirls took to the mighty flat track at Magnuson Park. I remember a great ride to the hanger, throwing rocks at a floating High Life can, getting a squeeze from my favorite Derby girl and PBR Tall boys. (It’s the little things that make a day great)

I remember trying to go for a Mountain Bike ride on Sunday.

The weather turned to a 100% chance of miserable Sunday morning in Seattle. Trying to get my friends fired up for a muddy mountain bike ride was extra tough. After a couple hours of debate, prep’n, coffee, and checking the weather on the Internet we took off for Middle Fork. Unfortunately, we didn’t check the trail status. Closed. Downed trees still liter the trail making for a sweet place to take the bike for a walk, not so much a ride. We did, eventually, find a ride. Not as good, but I’ve been jones’n for dirt lately…too much asphalt in the daily riding.

The birthday BBQ for a Hooverville bartender provided more than enough entertainment to forget about the ‘mis-ride’ earlier.

I remember an actual Mountain Bike ride on Monday and bocce.

A quick trip to Tiger Mountain with a Seattle newbie made for a revelation. Colorado Single Speeding…you can use smaller tires, V-Brakes, and have a rigid fork. Washington Single Speed rides require disc brakes, suspension (helps), and huge tires.
My 97 IFab is a touch outdated for such things. My new tires are so big they rub the rear triangle under torque, and my downtube provides no protection from the mud flying from my front tire. I bring along extra V-Brake pads on my rides because they wear out so fast here. (I know, I can hear ya’ll now…”you’re using your brakes too much…what a sissy”) However, it’s still one of the funnest bikes I’ve ever ridden.

After a hosing off, I pedaled across town for more grill’n, bocce and a 5 liter bottle of wine.

I’m having a hard time remembering my ride home though.


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