Thursday, May 17, 2007


{words by carey}

- I wish I was more so these days. That invisible hand I have mentioned in past posts (though lately I have visions of a wind god blowing on his hot chocolate) keeps pushing against us, work-bound in the mornings and home-bound in the evenings. It's inescapable these days; the summer brings sun, tans, joy, and a wind that loves to change direction. I suppose, like Brain mentioned in his last post, it was sick of its regular course. It got bored coming from the South all winter; it needed to "change" things up. Which means I have been changing my bikes up as well: single speed 2-3 days and fast carbon with gears the rest. You can only commute so long on a single speed, putting 50 miles in a day against the wind to and fro. Call me a wimp if you like, but I will ride it all week long with no wind. I do like my weekends to be filled with mountain biking (on a single speed), so a couple days on a geared bike during the week is a nice rest. Which, by the way, do the miles I put in after work up in the mountains count toward my commuting miles for the challenge? "NO!" What a bummer.

I want to leave you all with a video link to a band that has intrigued me for the past 6 years. Two of the band members are (or were) avid cyclists, which is why the album Tour de France exists. The band I speak of is Kraftwerk. As I have been pushing myself through the wind for the past two weeks the song Aerodynamik (on the Tour de France album) kept popping into my head. Enjoy the video and click here........for an awesome article that Rouleur published in their gorgeous magazine.

Also, it's "National Bike to Work Day" tomorrow and I hope to see every single one of you that reads this blog on their bikes. Make a presence in my dream tonight or tomorrow so I can see your beautiful ride and where you work. And, for good measure, keep biking after this national holiday; I promise you will become addicted. Okay, now to Kraftwerk. These guys kick ass (just imagine listening to this song while you are cranking against the wind - pretty awesome!).

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Excellent riding song!