Thursday, May 24, 2007


{words by brian}

This winter was particularly ugly in Seattle. Rain, Sleet, Snow, Ice, Locust…you name it, we had it. Well, maybe not the locust. This extraordinarily craptastic weather took its toll on the city, my bike and on my Chrome Shin knickers.

One particularly icy day I tried covering 20 feet of my commute on my hip. No damage to rider or bike, but the slide into second burned an apple size wound in my Shins. Staring at my injured riding partner I swore I would do anything to make sure that they received the proper attention and would be nursed back to health. I contacted the lovely people at Chrome and (sobbingly) told them my tale. They reassured me that all was not lost, that they could possibly be patched to prevent further damage.

Days felt like months. Weeks felt like years. My Carhartts and Dickies were stepping up to the challenge, with the loss of our ‘starter’…but like trying to replace a tall Americano from All City with one from Starbucks…they just weren’t the same.

My Shins were returned to me yesterday. Wrap Christmas, my first single track ride, a fat Colorado powder day, and a six pack of PBR tall boys into a box…that’s how happy I was. There’s a patch where the hole once was, a nice little reminder of that icy day, but other wise my friend was back and ready to ride.

Already my legs feel fresher, my bike feels faster, and the beer tastes colder. Life is good again.

(Thanks Chrome)


Anonymous said...

Athenian cold PBR my friend. Athenian cold.

sygyzy said...

They just patched it? I thought Chrome products all carried lifetime warranties which I imagined meant replacement.

Anonymous said...

If it would have been a manufacturer defect...I'm sure they would have replaced them. Due to rider sliding the whole in's not their fault the hole appeared. All me on that one.