Monday, May 14, 2007


{pictures and captions by kevin - click images to enlarge}

Miles 0-1: Madrona Hill, overlooking I-90; and goose topiary.

Mile 2: Leschi sailboats

Miles 3-4: Heading under I-90; rowing crew out on Lake Washington

Miles 4-6: Lake Washington Blvd, fellow commuters; Seward Park entrance

Miles 8-10: Reflection in Pub window; The “Ugly Mug” on Rainier, almost to Renton; stop for an espresso as others fly by

Mile 15: Tukwila, and the second best way to commute to work

Mile 16: Joining up with the Green River Trail

Mile 17.5: Green River Trail, continued

Mile 18: Crossing the wooden bridge near South Center

Mile 19: The Raleigh office, meeting up w/ Brian (perfect timing)

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C said...

Thanks for the pics. I used to commute from Seattle to REI HQ via both Lake Washington and the Green River. After a while it became a same old-same old kind of ride. Now that I haven't done it in 6+ months I've forgotten how nice a ride it is and miss it.