Friday, May 4, 2007


{words by Kevin & photos by Carey}

Rode to work today for the first time this year. Feel a little annoyed that it took this long, but that old nemesis "inertia" had a stranglehold on me; I just couldn't pry my ass out of bed early enough on those dark, cold winter mornings. Not when the dogs are curled up next to you in bed and it's dark, dark, dark outside the window...

But the ride was great. Looked like rain, but the sun actually came out a couple times and the traffic was light at that hour.

Highlights of the ride: The smell of fresh cut grass; the buzzing sound of my new Fulcrum wheelset whilst freewheeling; early morning fog on Lake Washington; John Coltrane, Iron Maiden (Paul Di'Anno era), Jeff Buckley, and Tom Waits on the iShuffle (kept low enough that I could hear the traffic sounds over Mr. Waits' demonic growling); and hot coffee after the long ride.

Lowlights: empty banana peel left on the side of the road by some anonymous, lame, selfish cyclist. Yes, I realize it's biodegradable, but until it degrades it's TRASH on the side of the road. Show some class.
Pack it in, pack it out. Humphf!

{riding home through seward park}

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