Wednesday, May 9, 2007


{words by kevin}
Hmmm... Strange vibes on the ride in this morning. Not particularly pleasing ones either.

First case in point: About 3 miles into the ride: I’d just come down off the ridge and onto Lake Washington Blvd and I’ve got a real nice rhythm going, ticking it out at about 23mph. About a half a block ahead of me a car backs out of the driveway into the street, sees me, and stops. Had she kept backing out I could have gone past without slowing. As she was now blocking the whole lane from curb to oncoming traffic I had to slow almost to a stop to squeeze past her. Killed my nice rhythm.

Point two: Further along and I’m passing three cyclists heading the opposite direction and suddenly one of them touches tires with another and goes down. Hard. Glasses flying, waterbottle flying, expletives flying. I yelled “You alright?” as I rode past. He grunted a rather melancholy “Yeah” and so I continued on.

Point three: Dead raccoon lying in the middle of the road just past the Renton Airport. Didn’t make it across. Hate to see that. Buzz kill.

The ride home last night was tiring. Stiff headwind the last 10 miles. You know the wind is really blowing when Lake Washington has whitecaps. The legs were really heavy this morning (also due to a bit too much Chateauneuf-du-Pape last night). Had planned on just meandering in this morning, but ended up riding fairly fast in the end. Just felt like going once I was out there.

Highlights: No wind!; Only having to stop once during the entire 19-mile ride (good traffic-light karma); Jane’s Addiction (how can you ride slow during “Mountain Song”?); Really cranking it out even though you’re tired just because you feel good, have a great song, and it’s great to be alive and out on the bike - even with heavy legs; Honey on toast apr├ęs-ride.

Lowlights: See above strange vibes.

One last thing: I think “Basso” must be Latin for “Full Of SH%@”...

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