Tuesday, May 8, 2007


{words by kevin}

This morning marked my third ride in to work this year – brilliant weather. Sunny, warm (even at that hour). Stopped above the I-90 floating bridge to just enjoy the sunrise and the view. Then it was back down to the lakeside and on into work.

Highlights: the aforementioned view and sunrise; Mark Lanegan & PJ Harvey’s “Hit the City” in my ear (maybe my new fave riding song); passing a long line of dead-stopped cars caught in traffic near the fun center & the feeling of smug self-righteousness; and watching the squirrels scatter on the trail.

Lowlight: coming down over the railroad bridge full speed into a blinding, opaque cloud of who-knows-what as an AirGas truck vents it’s trailer right over the trail. WTF?!?

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