Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As I have been swamped with work (which means riding solo to and from work) - I am glad my co-workers are documenting more of their trips and thinking about writing. Here is a new post by Brian. Enjoy.

{words by brian}

Last night riding home, Matt B and I got to talking about how hard it is to break a habit. How easy it is to stick with what is familiar, how comfortable routines can become, and how difficult it is to break them.

Driving the car into work everyday can be pretty enticing, especially in Seattle during the winter. It can be as crappy as your mind can imagine: wet, cold, dark, and windy. The comfort of a climate controlled car is everything riding a bike is not.

Change...? Set my alarm clock an hour earlier...? Give up the short drive for a long leg burning ride...? Give up coffee on the drive for a water bottle filled with tepid water...? Why do this again...?

So I applaud everyone on our commute team for changing up their routines to ride their bikes to work.

It also got me to thinking about change; I’ve become a slave to my own patterns this winter. I’ve been riding the same bike routes, stopping at the same coffee shop, and riding the same bike. I’m not a creature that gets lulled into a pattern easily, but I found myself in a bit of a rut this winter. So this week I’ve changed up my routes…I haven’t ridden the same one twice and I’ve been stopping at a new coffee shop in the mornings…delicious. I’m not going to change up my bike right now as my wallet has an echo to it, but... my Rush Hour does have a “fixed” cog on the other side of my flip-flop…hmmmmmm.

Just random. The pics are all from this morning.


Dr. Logan said...

"my wallet has an echo to it" awesome. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

"my wallet has an echo to it"

I agree with dr. logan . . . great line.